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New Product and New Software Launch

Show your client the differences that their (and your) effort is making to their health…... with Bodystat’s Body Manager software programme. Generate a personal file for each client personalised with your business logo showing all their results. A number of different reports can be selected: Body Composition - analysis of whole body. Trend Reports - This allows you to track your client’s progress and help motivate them with easy to understand and clear graphics. Health Report - This section concentrates on general health status relating to the lifestyle, based on the Framingham Study. Include smoking, blood pressure, cholesterol. This gives you the perfect opportunity to run “what if” scenarios. For example, “What if you stopped smoking?”. The effects of any changes the client decided to make show instantly on the screen. An excellent, immediate incentive to make changes to their lifestyle. Weight Loss - During your interview with the client this is a good oppor-tunity to discuss the next step of their wellness programme. This unique programme enables you to select varying intensity exercises and its duration, calculates the calories burnt and number of weeks to achieve goal weight.

MultiScan 5000: A Practical Application

Nutritional Status: Uncover subtle changes in body composition with Bioelectrical Impedance Technology. Understand and effectively treat dialysis patients’ nutritional requirements. Maximising resources, reducing costs and improving wellbeing. Overhydration: Allow B~BIS to help you establish Dry Weight and volume of Overhydration in addition to tracking fluid shifts with the innovative Prediction Marker.