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New Product - DiaQuant®, Rapid Tests for Dialysis

The DiaQuant® is our brand new rapid test product line for quality and safety checks in dialysis.
With our DiaQuant® tests, you can check almost all rinse and cleaning procedures in dialysis centers.
Moreover, with DiaQuant® you can easily determine important parameters in feed water and disinfection solution potency.
DiaQuant® includes the following easy and reliable tests:

DiaQuant® Chlorine (REF 932004)
DiaQuant® Peracetic Acid (REF 932001)
DiaQuant® Peracetic Acid Potency (REF 932006)
DiaQuant® Peroxide (REF 932002)
DiaQuant® pH (REF 932003)
DiaQuant® Water Hardness (REF 932005