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New Oxygen Valve VENTI-O2 plus by Weinmann

The VENTI-O2 (Photo: Weinmann)

HAMBURG. With the new oxygen valve VENTI-O2 plus, available in May from medical device producer Weinmann, it is now possible to provide home mechanical ventilation patients with up to 15 liters of oxygen per minute.

The oxygen is supplied directly to the therapy device, thus guaranteeing an exact and unaltered registration of ventilation gas flow even at maximum oxygen levels. The device offers greater therapeutic safety and ideal conditions for oxygenation during the introductory phase in the clinic and for the patient at home.

The introduction of the 15-liter oxygen valve VENTI-O2 plus, is accompanied by a change in the safety concept for the home mechanical ventilators VENTIlogic and VENTImotion. From now on the concept fulfills the requirements of the current ISO EN 60601-1 norm on fire safety, including specifications for the introduction of large quantities of oxygen. To comply with the norm, Weinmann increased the airtightness of the components that convey air and oxygen, optimized the drive mechanism and utilized new fireproof materials. "The safety of our devices is extremely important to us," said Weinmann product and ventilation specialist Jörg Mielenz. "That's why we had TÜV Rheinland check their safety."

Additional advantages: The resistance of the oxygen supply inside the device is very low and the device is suitable for therapy requiring from 0 to 15 liters of oxygen. Because VENTI-O2 plus needs no maintenance, it offers great user convenience over the long-term. As the exact gas flow in the device can be registered even when large quantities of oxygen are administered, the trigger and volume measurement always function correctly. "With the new valve and corresponding home ventilators, we can ensure continuity in care from the hospital to the greatly varied requirements of home ventilation," said Mielenz. "Our solution means a change of supplier is not required when the patient's condition changes."