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Optomed Oy (Ltd.)

New Non-Mydriatic Ophthalmic Digital Camera for Eye Fundus Screening

At MEDICA 2009 Optomed is introducing a new product invention for the eye care market - Smartscope M3-2 ophthalmic camera that enables digital, non-mydriatic eye fundus imaging without the need for dilation drops.

Serving an ever widening eye care sector

Optomed Smartscope M3-2 will provide a much needed tool e.g. for the diabetic retinopathy screening sector. Diabetes is increasing with alarming rates world-wide and causing severe vision loss and blindness if not diagnosed and treated in time. It is estimated that diabetes affects more than 230 million people, most of which reside in poor, developing countries that also lack sufficient tools for diagnosing growing masses of diabetics (

Affordable cost of the Smartscope M3-2 enables even the smallest of clinics or eye screening units to purchase one or more diagnosis tools. Moreover, hand-held and portable design enables examination also in distant field conditions with the possibility for remote consultation and telemedicine. Thus, also those patients that live in rural areas can be screened without having to send them to specialist clinics in bigger cities often hundreds, even thousands of miles away.

Digitalising the doctor’s office

In addition to eye care diagnostics, Optomed provides healthcare professionals with a range of other imaging tools. Modular design of the Smartscope enables the camera to transform from ophthalmic and eye surface imaging to otoscopic and dermatoscopic examination. Also these additional modules are introduced at MEDICA 2009.
- There is a lot of demand for digital imaging in other medical specialty fields as well, for example in dermatology with increasing occurrence of skin cancer in many of the western countries. With this kind of tool primary healthcare is able to identify suspect skin lesions in time and refer patients to further treatment, says Mr. Seppo Kopsala, the CEO of Optomed.

With a complete digital diagnostics set Optomed aims to equip the doctor’s office with modern imaging tools that enable digital documentation, consistent follow-up and remote consultation. According to Mr. Kopsala, this change is inevitable:
- Modern people are very aware of health issues and are becoming more and more demanding also when it comes to healthcare services. Healthcare providers must be prepared for this. It is our belief that fast and reliable diagnosis with state of the art tools will become a standard also in primary care and small clinics in the future.