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New Natural Lotion Proven in Burns Treatment

PantheVera Treatment Lotion

Clinical trial of PantheVera Lotion at the Clinic of Burns & Reconstruction Surgery in Košice, Slovak Republic, have demonstrated its efficacy in treating burns of different degrees as the sole treatment without steroids or other creams. Sold in pharmacies, health stores and spas around the world, PantheVera Lotion is also recommended for the relief of skin burns following radiation treatment, depilation and laser procedures, as well as for dryness and redness, minor skin injuries and eczema. S.T. Health Line is seeking new distribution partners worldwide for PantheVera and its other natural products. PantheVera and all other S.T. Health Line products are based on natural active ingredients and marketed as 'cosmeceuticals'. They have been developed by research pharmacists specializing in dermatological preparations for pharmaceutical companies. All products have been dermatologically tested at the internationally-renowned Rambam Medical Center and are never tested on animals. All products are manufactured at STH's GMP/ISO 22716:2007 & ISO 9001:2008 certified factory. S.T. Health Line was founded in 1991 and specializes in the development, manufacture and packaging of branded and private-label Cosmeceuticals. Their products are sold in leading pharmacy chains in 12 countries from Finland to Mauritius, including a range of Cliniforce foot care products in Russia, a private label hemorrhoids cream in Romania, and a body oil produced exclusively for Boots plc in the UK. The S.T. Health Line dermatological range also includes Dermactol Intensive Hand and Foot creams, Psoderm oil and Psoriadin cream for extremely dry skin, Intima Protective Liquid Soap for feminine intimate hygiene, and a unique TraumaSyn Gel based on natural herbal extracts to promote the natural healing of bruises. Their patented SoreX Mouth Spray provides fast pain relief from mouth sores of all kinds, and VapoCal ointments for adults and children are recommended for the relief of colds, nasal congestion and coughing. S.T. Health Line is keen to locate commercial managers of pharmaceuticals and cosmeceuticals wholesalers, pharmacy chains, healthcare providers, spa & health center groups worldwide, to discuss the distribution of these unique Cosmeceutical formulations. Mr. Yousef Anton, founder and CEO, will be attending Medica Trade Fair in Dusseldorf, Germany, 12th-15th November  (booth in Hall 5, NO5) and can be contacted in advance to arrange a meeting at: Further information can be found on website: