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New Muscle Stimulator: EMP 4 pro

Come and visit us to see and test our newest muscle stimulator.

Digital 4-channel combination unit for muscle stimulation and pain management

The EMP 4 pro is the latest schwa-medico development. It includes 60 pre-set programs for pain treatment and muscle stimulation. The programs are classified by indication which makes the unit suitable for both private users and therapists. Most programs provide differing parameters depending on the user’s choice between upper and lower limbs. The unit is operated by an integrated rechargeable battery but can additionally be used on the mains power circuit.

*NEW: 60 pre-set programs*
· 20 programs for pain treatment
· 17 programs for functional rehabilitation
and muscle strengthening
· 4 programs for vascular treatment
· 7 programs for sports
· 3 programs for fitness
· 4 programs for beauty
· 5 programs for relaxation

The 2+2 program offers the option to stimulate with both muscle stimulation and TENS parameters simultaneously on different channels. Programs with alternating channels for agonist/antagonist stimulation are available in both pre-set and free programs. The dynamic stimulation with the 4 channels offers deep massaging effect.

- NEW Feature: 8 free programs to save own parameter settings

- NEW design

- NEW packaging

· 60 pre-set programs
· 8 free programs
· High diversity of programs for multiple use
· Sequential programs
· Large LCD display
· Integrated AKS (controlled output short circuit)for improved
skin protection
· Area selection: upper limbs or lower limbs
· Special key to increase the intensity of all channels
· Integrated rechargeable batteries or mains power circuit
· Sound to be turned on and off
· Detailed instruction manual with examples of electrode placement