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New Mobile X-ray System – PROSLIDE 32-DR Touch


To be able to offer also a suitable x-ray product for emergency rooms and intensive care departments of hospitals as well as orthopaedic and part-radiologic clinics specialising in x-ray exposures of immobile patients, PROTEC has developed a state-of-the-art mobile x-ray system, the PROSLIDE 32- DR Touch.

A 22" multi touch wide screen monitor provides extremely high performances and a convenient workflow. Besides the premium system design, CONAXX 2 image acquisition and system operating software makes the package ideal for a broad variety of mobile applications. The system performance with its customer-oriented, individual APR definitions (up to 1000 different anatomical techniques) and a powerful 32 kW generator allow high quality images with optimized dose.

"Easy-slide" components make the system handling simple and fast. The special detector housing design as an integral part of the system body enables a safe transportation of the high quality DR-Panel. With a 90° arm rotation, maximum flexibility at narrow room conditions (e.g. directly at patient´s beds) is available. Besides the innovative system design, the ergonomic front of the glass cover and its special tablet PC look is outstanding in terms of disinfection and hygienics as well as in usability.

Top 5 Product Features:

  • Optimized dose for maximum dose reduction with the digital high end DR-Detector

  • Premium system - 22" Touch Monitor with outstanding features

  • High quality 32 kW generator allows a wide range of exposures

  • Innovative design for ultimate flexibility in digital X-ray imaging

  • Complete glass cover with perfect hygienic front in tablet pc design

With this innovative product, PROTEC offers you as our sales partner a new product that definitely is very appealing. In fact, you can sell your customer an actual additional benefit, which distinguishes both of us from competition. You are very welcome to visit us with an interested end customer for a scheduled appointment to present the system “live” in our showroom.