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Vision Engineering Ltd.

New Microscopy Range

Vision Biomed is demonstrating its new routine laboratory range of microscopes at MEDICA 2007 Hall 1 Stand E12 aimed at delivering optical excellence, ergonomically and economically.

Vision Biomed is a division of Vision Engineering who have been manufacturing ergonomically optimised microscopes since 1958. With this experience and dedication, Vision Biomed is launching a new range of microscopes that offer the same optical excellence but with increased function and versatility.

DX21 – Standard Microscope designed to provide superb versatility with its compact design and vast range of accessories. Ideal for laboratory work or for professionals on the move, the DX21 can be adapted to perform in a wide variety of environments and applications including veterinary, dermatology and urology. This system is cost effective, modular and available with a wide range if accessories to enhance its capabilities.

DX41 – Routine Laboratory Microscope delivers accurate results for a range of laboratory applications including research and clinical tasks, with its variety of optics and contrast techniques including fluorescence and polarised light all available as additional accessories. Its multi-viewing attachment and LED pointer makes the DX41 an ideal solution for a teaching, especially for clinical applications such as cytology, histology and haematology.

DX61 – Inverted Routine Microscope, designed especially for life science professionals that require specialised observation modes to carry out a variety of tasks on one system. Brightfield, fluorescence and phase contrast are all features available as additional accessories. These features used simultaneously with a CCD camera and comprehensive image analysis software (available as an accessory), can capture the image and provide a bench mark for an objective quality standard on most routine laboratory applications.

The DX41 and DX61 are both available with ISIS, that is an ergonomic alternative to conventional eyepieces and can be retrofitted to a broad range of quality microscope instruments, with installation and set up taking only a few seconds. Isis delivers Expanded Pupil technology that allows a much greater freedom of operator head movement which can dramatically reduce fatigue. Critically, this increased distance permits users who require corrected vision to continue to wear prescription spectacles or contact lenses while using the microscope.