German-Sino-Healthcare Group e.V. / G-S-HCG e.V.

New Members in the G-S-HCG: Roche Diagnostics and Bio Deutschland

The G-S-HCG has increased to a total of 32 members and welcomes Roche Diagnostics and BIO Deutschland in the German-Chinese Association.

The healthcare company Roche Diagnostics supplies products and services for prevention, diagnosis and treatment of diseases for researchers, physicians, patients, hospitals and laboratories around the world. Roche Diagnostics is the world leader in the field of in vitro diagnostics.

BIO Germany is the trade association of the biotechnology industry and has set itself the goal of supporting and promoting the development of an innovative economic sector based on the modern life sciences. The cross-membership with the G-S-HCG thus offers many possibilities of a future bilateral exchange of information, for example through participation in joint events.

The G-S-HCG welcomes the two new members and is looking forward to a lively exchange.