New Measurement Methods in Sports Performance Monitoring (Medica Sports Conference, 1:45pm)

Traditional, well-established performance diagnostic methods like spiroergometry and lactate diagnostics can only indicate systemic, mixed overall physical states but not the local current state of active muscles. By using near-infrared technology (NIRS), the oxygen saturation in skeleton muscles can be measured non-invasively and in real-time, thus allowing capturing data related to local metabolic reactions. The VIS method allows measurement in the cuticular area and thus the determination of further parameters. Recent studies show that the measurement of SmO2 represents a useful and promising method in performance diagnostics and training control. SmO2 measurement reflects the response to physical strain much more directly and without delay compared to traditional methods. A holistic view in performance diagnostics is enabled by the combination of SmO2 measurement with the monitoring of multiple physiological parameters, e.g. tissue haemoglobin index.

This pitch will be completed with practical experiences using NIRS in field and laboratory environments by Dr. B. Engeroff, Goethe-Universität Frankfurt!

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