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New Master Distributor Agreement to Expand Commercial Strength in Italy

Baar - January 10, 2011- me2me, supplier of web and voice services, is pleased to announce that a new Master Distributor agreement has been signed with PC-VOX Italy, specialist of mobile Dictation applications in Italy. The distribution contract went into effect on Nov 15th 2011.

PC-VOX will actively promote and sell the whole range of me2me products, including Frisbee 2.0, easy-to-use digital dictation and transcription software, with workflow management and fully integrated speech recognition. In order to be ready for the Italian market, Frisbee 2.0's user interface will be soon available into Italian language.

Thanks to Frisbee 2.0, lawyers or doctors can now dictate reports, memos, letters. and send them from any digital recorder device to their secretary or transcription staff. The wave file will be automatically added to a Job Lister allowing the transcriptionist and/or the author to have a clear view of what has been sent, transcribed and reviewed. Moreover, if a Dragon NaturallySpeaking voice profile is available, the voice file can be automatically converted into text first by speech recognition, and then reviewed by the transcriptionist to make the necessary corrections while listening to the dictation.

"Frisbee is really a great tool for the Italian professional users! As it is hardware independent, any recorder can be used, meaning that in the same company or office, several different brands of dictation devices can be used by different authors. But at the end, all the audio files will be sent to a unique application software: Frisbee. On top of that, with the back-end recognition process, the author's voice profile of a Dragon Professional user can be easily improved, allowing reverting to front-end speech recognition, which is clearly what professional users are willing!", says Nunzio La Ferlita.

"My knowledge of the speech-to-text technology and market has conducted me2me and PC-VOX to work together", continues Nunzio. "It's important to be seen by clients as a trusted adviser, especially when the customers you are speaking to belong to the Healthcare, Legal, Government or Insurance markets".

"We are truly excited about our signed agreement," said Peter Hauser, CEO and COB me2me AG, adding: "With Nunzio's expertise in guiding clients through projects that include Speech-to-Text recognition, we are confident that our state-of-the art Frisbee solution will bring Italian professional customers the solution they are waiting for a long time now."
About PC-VOX

PC-VOX is a trade mark owned by Dr. Nunzio La Ferlita. After graduating in Space Engineering on April 1968 by the Polytechnic School of Turin, Nunzio La Ferlita participated in an Italian TLC Satellite project (SIRIO) and later on in a project for the Soviet Union as IBM manager. From IBM Boca Raton Labs (Florida), he imported to Italy the very first IBM voice technology. As independent entrepreneur, he developed an original Speech Synthesizer technology (S.A. Sintesi Avanzata) upon which he started his activity with blind persons in Italy. Working with the voice technology since the beginning, Nunzio La Ferlita has a deep experience of it, especially on the commercial support point of view.