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Bumper for Tango castors

Hand brake Tango

Hand brake Tango is designed for use in mobility-aid devices where the users demand for direct control of the braking or locking of the wheels from their hands. Attractive design and practical construction provides easy to install solution into a tube frame.

The attachment fittings can be modified to accommodate customers’ own tube frame design. The hand brake feature can be integrated into total- and directional lock, and swivel Tango castors. Hand brake Tango will be available in late 2014, and initially, it will be available in size 125mm as grey (RAL 7042) or black.

Two-stage Tango brake

The two-stage braking is designed to be a practical solution of combining directional-lock and total-stop brake castors from two different castors to just one solution. This is done by separating the directional lock and wheel brake function. The brake pedal has two positions. Pressing the brake pedal to the first position will engage the directional lock. Pressing the brake pedal further to the second position will engage the wheel brake for a total lock. Two-stage Tango brake is suitable for devices that needs both, directional lock and total-stop brake, but can be engaged separately. Available initially in Tango castors 125 mm, starting in late 2014.

Bumper for Tango castors

Made for mobile trolleys and similar devices, bumpers protect both trolley or equipment as well as doors and walls from damage in the event of a collision.

The form of the bumper emphasises the commendable design of the Tango castors. The soft thermoplastic rubber surface on the outer edge does not leave any marks. It absorbs sound and shocks and can endure hard use. The bumper can roll freely.

The bumper can be mounted on the adapter or the expander of a Tango castor. It can be used on Tango castors with either a tubular or square expander, or a threaded stem. The bumper is suitable for Tango castors of all sizes: 75 mm, 100 mm and 125 mm. The standard colour is grey RAL 7042.

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