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Randox Laboratories Ltd.

New Liquid Haptoglobin Assay for the RX series

The new liquid stable Haptoglobin kit from Randox provides a highly sensitive and specific method for the quantitative determination of Haptoglobin in human serum. The method is fully automated and suitable for use on the RX series of bench top clinical analysers including the RX daytona and RX imola.

Haptoglobin is an acute phase protein made primarily in the liver. Its main function is to bind free haemoglobin and remove it from circulation preventing damage to the kidneys and loss of iron following hemolysis. Haptoglobin measurements are mainly used to diagnose haemolytic anaemia and to distinguish it from other types of anaemia. In cases of haemolytic anaemia, Haptoglobin levels in the blood decrease significantly however low levels may also indicate red blood cell destruction due to sickle cell anaemia or Thalassemia.

As an acute phase reactant, Haptoglobin levels in the blood are significantly increased in response to infection, inflammation, burns, surgery and trauma, however, Haptoglobin is not generally used to diagnose or monitor these conditions.

The Randox Haptoglobin assay is based on an immunoturbidimetric method where Haptoglobin in the sample is diluted and reacted with specific antiserum yielding insoluble aggregates that can be measured turbidimetrically at 340nm.

A wide measuring range of 0.13g/l – 3.68g/l ensures the assay is capable of accurately measuring above and below the patient normal range while an extended onboard stability of 28 days minimises reagent waste. Other features include: traceable to Certified Reference Material - CRM Da470k/IFCC; excellent precision - within run precision <5% CV, Total run precision <8%CV; limited interference from Bilirubin, Haemoglobin and Triglycerides; rozone effects not demonstrated up to at least 7.64g/l; and excellent correlation to standard methods, a correlation co-efficient of 0.9747 was obtained with another commercially available kit.