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New LED Fiber Illuminator

OptiLux is the next generation fiber optic illuminator brought to you by LuxteL; a leader in the field of fiber optic illumination. The OptiLux is a LED device well suited for several platforms. It utilizes a single large area LED chip, custom collection optics that brilliantly couple light into 3- to 6mm fiber optic bundles, a heat sink and fan, linear intensity control and an AC power supply. The OptiLux was developed to replace older technologies; specifically halogen and metal halide lamps and their associated problems with changes in color temperature due to intensity setting and age. The new LED device also eliminates the life and safety disposal issues with the passé mercury lamps.

The OptiLux is designed to be a perfect partner in medical video camera illumination, endoscopy, microscope illumination and UV illumination for photo sensitive chemical reactions such as UV curing and dental whitening.

The major benefits of the OptiLux are its ability to reduce power consumption by up to 50% and long life; up to 45,000 hours chip life leading to reduced cost of ownership. No significant wavelengths are generated outside the desired range, making wavelengths and color temperature tailored for your application. The front panel displays the intensity and has soft tactile up / down buttons providing total intensity control ranging from 10 to 100%. An 8ft by 5mm fiber cable provides 130K lux when pumped by a white (6000k) chip.

The OptiLux is portable and very low cost compared to traditional illuminators. LuxteL is pleased to add the OptiLux medical unit to a wide range of well established Isolux products. FDA approval is expected during Q4 of ’09 following 510K application.

LuxteL welcomes OEM inquiries.