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New Instrument Fixation System Reduces Cost and Simplifies Processes.

According to leading manufacturers of medical instruments, damages are mainly caused by bad handling and insufficient fixation.
Instruments have to be fixed securely during cleaning in the washer disinfector.
There is no overview in nets without a fixed organisation. Usage and cleaning processes are complicated and take more time.
Instrument fixation systems can solve this problem. There are universal and customised systems offered in the market.
The advantage of customised systems is the excellent overview through unchangeable arrangement of the instruments. On the other hand it is complicated and expensive to realize changes on the instrument fixation system.
Universal systems allow to fix various instruments in the same holder. This is an advantage and a disadvantage as well, because there is no overview if the instruments are not always at the same position.
Now there is a new kind of instrument fixation system on the market. It combines the excellent overview of customised systems with the flexibility of universal systems.
An advanced system of single holders allow individual arrangement of instruments in a net. If changes of the arrangement are necessary, the system could be adapted easily.
When the instrument fixation system is assembled in the net again, the arrangement cannot be changed accidentally. The system can be used for nearly all nets in the market.
This new product will be presented on Medica in Hall 12 Stand D70.
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