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New Hybrid Digital Doppler System D.dop® for Neuro-Vascular Diagnostics

New Hybrid Digital Doppler System D.dop®

World Innovation at Medica 2005:
New Hybrid Digital Doppler System ‚ D.dop® for Neuro-Vascular Diagnostics

Introducing the novel D.dop®, an extra-, transcranial, and microvascular Doppler system, SMT medical leaps beyond conventional diagnostic barriers: Insonation of cerebral and brain supplying vessels simultaneously in up to 128 depths, substantially simplifying vessel finding and enhancing ease of operation. This innovative approach is enabled by a hybrid digital Doppler concept, combining latest front end analog signal acquisition with digital signal processing powered by digital interleaved over-sampling (DIOS). D.dop® features the V’Ident vesser finder, supported by ‘turn-and-click’ remote-operation, all users will appreciate alike. While conventional routine instruments can only provide insonations from one depth at a time, V’Ident extends the operator’s view along the ultrasound beam. An intelligent remote control and a newly designed user interface facilitate vessel location, insonation, and documentation.

Through its laptop-like, sleek case D.dop® brings unlimited all-in-one portability, while incorporating a 15 inch wide color TFT display. Four loud speakers offer high fidelity audio, a further plus for any Doppler operator. Auto-detected 1.6, 2, 4, 8 or 16 MHz probes cover all neuro- and micro-vascular applications. The intuitive Doppler software system operates under MS Windows XP Pro offering direct access to LAN and internet.

A well introduced diagnostic modality in neurology and neurosurgery, transcranial ultrasound Doppler sonography or TCD recently received publicized attention through activation of fibrinolytic substances in the acute therapy of stroke victims. Additionally, the crucial advantages in the diagnosis of Patent Foramen Ovale, an undesired opening in the septal wall of the atrium, confirms the importance of TCD by reaching into cardiology and internal medicine.

Developed by Dieter Denner, a living legend in innovative TCD design, the D.dop® system is manufactured by Denner Electronic, Ueberlingen, Germany. Based in Wuerzburg, Germany, SMT medical is responsible for worldwide sales and support, directed by Rolf Schlegelmilch whose almost twenty years in the Doppler business stand for recognized competence and proven international distribution partnerships.