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New Hope in Diabetes Protection

PROTECT iT - Dress Casual Plus

Published in UK Lancashire Telegraph July 20th, 2012.

"PROTECT iT sock, which acts as a ‘second skin’, eliminating friction, and drawing away moisture to combat bacteria.

The sock, which has no seems, contains silver ions within the fibres to stop the multiplication of microbes, has a dual-layer construction to pump moisture away from the skin, uses next-generation elastic material that will not restrict blood circulation, and has heel and achilles tendon protection.

Vice chairman Michael O’Neill said: “The PROTECT iT sock provides the protection needed by diabetics to prevent the skin conditions which can cause serious infections – the infections that lead to amputations.

“I would definitely recommend these socks to my patients. Foot health is very important, but for diabetics preventing problems in the first place is a must, and these socks will certainly help do that.

“They provide excellent protection around the ball of the foot, heel and the toes. They’re also not too tight around the ankle, so will not cause a problem with swelling.”

The product has received an endorsement from the Society of Chiropodists and Podiatrists.