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New Fluoropolymer Micro Capillary Film at MEDICA

New Fluoropolymer Micro Capillary Film

Achieve Simultaneous Quantitative Measurement of Multiple Biomarkers from a Single Sample

Capillary Film Technology Ltd (CFT), a technology and product development company for life sciences and clinical diagnostics, today announces that it will be launching a new fluoropolymer Micro Capillary Film (MCF) technology at MEDICA, which takes place from 20th to 23rd November at the Düsseldorf Fairgrounds, Germany.

In Hall 01 / D08 the company will demonstrate how a continuous, inexpensive MCF fluoropolymer is easily integrated into existing and emergent medical diagnostic immunoassay devices, to enable rapid, simultaneous quantitative measurement of multiple biomarkers (multiplexing) from a single sample.

Co-founder and Director of CFT, Dr. Alexander Edwards explains: “We provide a viable fully quantitative multiplexed alternative to the commonly used lateral flow test strips approach that is used in many devices currently on the market.”

Co-founder and Director of CFT, Dr. Nuno Reis continued: “We will be presenting a disruptive manufacturing method for mass producing fluoropolymer microfluidic immunoassay devices. The parallel array of 200 micron internal diameter microcapillaries can deliver short assay times in a small disposable device that has outstanding optical properties suitable for existing

The CEO of CFT, Lee Smith adds: “At MEDICA we look forward to showing established multinationals, small early stage organisations and healthcare providers, how we can significantly improve the capabilities and performance of their diagnostic products and biomarker tests, whether they are being used at the point of care, or within R&D. From our UK production facility we are able to adapt well established assay chemistry into a low-cost disposable microfluidic package, producing high-quality MCF on a massive scale to meet customer demand.”

MEDICA is the world’s largest annual medical exhibition and takes place from 20th to 23rd November 2013, at the Düsseldorf Fairgrounds, Germany. For more information about the event visit: www.medica-tradefair.com

To arrange a briefing and demonstration with CFT (Hall 01 / D08) at MEDICA please contact Graham Thatcher on Tel: +44 (0) 2380 111 977, or Email: graham.thatcher@mccint.com.

Photography of the Micro Capillary Film available for download at: www.mccint.com/Photography/MicroCapillaryFilm.jpg

About Capillary Film Technology
Capillary Film Technology Ltd (CFT) is a technology and product development company for life sciences and clinical diagnostics. CFT is able to bring a disruptive manufacturing technique for the production of low-cost multiplex microfluidic material. Using exclusive know-how and IP, we are currently developing the next generation of lateral flow technology that allows rapid, fully quantitative multiplex immunoassays for field and bed-side/point-of-care use. CFT technology will be available for licensing.

For more information visit the company website: http://www.capfilmtech.com/

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