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Elmiko Medical Equipment Zbigniew Niedbalski

New Features in ELMIKO DigiTrack Devices Software

We are pleased to present some new features of our EEG DigiTrack devices family:

- on-line and off-line impedance viewing in our CCFM device
- the possibility of signals monitoring without the neccessity of registering them to HDD in CCFM device
- the significant optimalization of CCFM speed for long-term tests
- the automatic artifacts detection and removal in EEG device
- the automatic spindle detection in Polysomnography device
- the new expanded control pannel for multiple hypnograms handling in Polysomnography device
- the expanded possibilities of EEG waves visualisation (digital forms, channel separators)
- breath training function in Biofeedback device
- new games for Biofeedback device
- the outstanding simplification of the acquisition configuration and operation in Biofeedback device
- the possibility of User's own signal filters defining (from the configuration file level) in EEG device