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Hydroclave Systems Corp.

New European Office For Infectious Waste Solutions

Leading Canadian designer and manufacturer of sterilization systems has new offices in the Netherland
Kingston, Ontario, Aug. 15, 2012 – Hydroclave Systems Corporation will feature its patented infectious waste sterilization products in its return to MEDICA, the world's largest annual medical trade fair, in Düsseldorf, Germany, November 14-17. Mr. Roel Duursma, the general manager of the recently established Hydroclave Europe in Ilpendam, Holland, will join the Hydroclave team from Kingston corporate headquarters during the fair. In co-operation with Kingston, Hydroclave Europe will also be responsible for operations in Africa and the Middle East.

“The responsible and economical disposal of bio-hazardous and infectious waste presents an enormous challenge for the healthcare, pharmaceutical, and biotech industries,” noted GM Duursma before his Hydroclave debut at MEDICA. “Our solution for solid waste, infectious waste, and effluent water treatment represents a giant leap forward in sustainable and economical infectious waste management. Typically, the end product of our sterilization systems is a dry, harmless product that can be thrown out with the regular trash.”

Hydroclave designs, constructs and installs groundbreaking technologies for the sterilization of medical waste, animal waste, and infectious waste in general and effluent water from hospitals, laboratories and health establishments in particular. Hydroclave management team members each have more than twenty years experience in industrial heat transfer/steam engineering. The company's patented steam sterilizers are installed worldwide, often in hard-to-service locations such as those with limited space or in remote areas. Hydroclave specialists can accommodate the smallest in-house medical waste treatment rooms through to the largest commercial treatment facilities; and provide centralized processing installations for medical facilities, laboratories, universities, waste treatment or agricultural facilities, airline and shipping vessels.

Hydroclave assists customers every step of the infectious waste sterilization way – from CAD design, model selection and site assessment, through to installation, final commissioning, and operation. The company's quality management system, DIN EN ISO 9001:2008, is certificated by DQS Germany. Hydroclave's production processes also meet the relevant European standards (PED - Pressure Equipment Directive) and USA regulations (ASME).

“We are coming back to MEDICA for a third time because it is considered the top healthcare trade show in the world, thanks largely to the calibre of international healthcare professionals and executives who attend,” says Mr. Richard Vanderwal, President and CEO. “We know that more than 138,000 visitors from over 100 countries were at last year's show. So there's little question that MEDICA 2012 will then again truly be the world stage for healthcare technology, laboratory equipment, diagnostics, physiotherapy, medical disposables, healthcare information and, of course, medical waste disposal technologies.”

About Hydroclave Corporation
In 1994 we set out to design a safe, non-polluting, cost-effective infectious waste sterilization process. The need was evident: infectious waste producers such as hospitals, clinics and laboratories, were under increasing pressure to find alternative and sustainable ways to process and treat medical and infectious waste.

Our aim was to ensure that all waste particles – from the smallest items such as needles through to bulk liquid infectious waste - were subjected thoroughly and evenly to the heat that kills micro organisms. The result was the Hydroclave medical waste treatment system. In 1995 the first unit was tested by the University of Ottawa in a working hospital environment at the Kingston General Hospital in Ontario, Canada.

Excellent test results emerged for treating waste with widely varying characteristics including dry, liquid, packaged, or loose waste. A unique development to the waste management industry, the Hydroclave process was patented in October 2000. Today, Hydroclave is globally recognised as a leader in the field with numerous installations worldwide, including the US, South America, Asia, Europe and Africa. On request we can send you an extended client reference list.

Hydroclave sterilizers are cost-effective, using a waste treatment process that is completely safe with no harmful emissions. The unique Hydroclave system downsizes the waste to a dry, non-infectious, non-hazardous material which satisfies the OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) definition for non-regulated waste and can be disposed of as normal trash. Any type of non-radioactive material can be processed, including:
- one-way scissors and scalpels
- syringes
- blood bags and IV tubing
- dialysis filters
- cloth and paper tissues
- glass and plastics
- organic materials
- all regulated classified medical waste.

Other benefits and advantages of Hydroclave installations are:
- their cost-effectiveness in the treatment and management of potentially infectious waste
- easy on-site installation
- fully automatic operations can be installed on request – depending on production capacity
- low operating cost allows for quicker cost recovery
- volume reduction of the waste and safe landfill disposal
- clean and environmentally safe that is chemical and radiation free
- reuse of water with no water spill and total waste dehydration
- ISO9001 compliance and built to ASME/CE standards.

Our Hydroclave installations are continuously developed and maintained to state-of-the-art technologies, while our custom-made designs make it possible to cover all aspects of medical/hazardous waste. We also develop, test, and bring to market special processes according to specific customer requirements.

At MEDICA 2012, Hydroclave will be exhibiting in Hall 16, booth G42 as part of the Ontario, Canada pavilion and welcomes the media, visitors, and old friends.

In the meantime, for further information, please contact Roel Duursma, +31 6 43 6 12 70