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New EMG Biofeedback Device

New Biofeedback device with Bluetooth connection

EasyTrain MYO EMG-biofeedback with wireless Bluetooth connection and memory card

The EasyTrain MYO is the first portable EMG device with a Bluetooth connection for wireless connection to the computer. Via this connection you have the possibility to display the therapy on the computer.

The EasyTrain MYO is also equipped with a memory card to store all the data for the outdoor patients. Also combinationtherapy with an external electrostimulation device is possible.
EasyTrain MYO is very accurate. The device measures 512 times each second. With the special developed EMG cables with integrated amplifier there will be hardly any surrounding disturbance.

The EasyTrain MYO is very patient friendly and has three types of visualization: bar graph, line graph and history line graph. The EasyTrain MYO can be used for the following indications: Muscle rehabilitation, Hemiplegia, Incontinence, Relaxation programs, Lumbago and many more…