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PatientPak Ltd

New Distribution Deals Position Unique Swine Flu Hygiene Pack As Market Leader

Consumer demand for ways to avoid and prevent influenza virus infection including Swine flu (H1N1) and Bird flu (H5N1) this winter has led to a surge of distribution deals for leading hygiene pack producer Sanitas Healthcare plc.

Set up in 2006 the company this month supplied over a million FluPaks™, ProtectGels/Wipes and Sprays to 1,700 Lloyds Pharmacy stores adding to existing Patientpak™ contracts with Mothercare, Amazon, Tesco, Sainsbury and Boots – bringing the total to 5,000 UK outlets.

The company product range includes FluPak™, PatientPak™, Travelpak™ and ProtectPak™ all of which contain items designed to cleanse and sanitise the immediate environment.

Unlike competitor products which are sold individually, each hygiene pack contains a range of sanitising wipes and sprays with antimicrobial properties proven to kill 99.9% of germs.

Launched in September last year, PatientPak™ has sold faster than expected through Mothercare with expectant mothers, elderly and young children being particularly susceptible to infection. The success of Flupak™ has enabled the company to post a £300,000 profit for the past quarter with an expected turnover of £6million in 2010.

The company has also agreed to co-brand Flupak™ with GlaxoSmithkline’s Beechams/Night& Day Nurse in FSDU’s (Free Standing Diplay Units) in Lloyds Pharmacies.

Rob Gros, CEO, Sanitas Healthcare Plc said: “Building on our recent success in the UK we are increasing our efforts abroad where the response from EMEA distributors has been very encouraging with FluPaks distributed in New Zealand, Hungary, Slovenia, Croatia, Portugal, Oman, Canada, Russia, UAE and India. The range of Sanitas Healthcare products empowers people to actively protect themselves against viruses and bacteria by sanitising their environment.”

The formula contained in FluPak™ is currently used by the NHS in over 160 UK Hospital Trusts.