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New Disinfection Technique

“This is the future, because many hospital deaths are preventable with better cleaning methods,” says Doctor Dick Zoutman. “It has been reported that more than 100,000 people in North America die every year due to hospital acquired infections at a cost of 30 billion Dollars. That’s 100,000 people every year who are dying from largely preventable infections.”

Zoutman has also used this disinfection technology to kill bed bugs. A major American hotel chain has already expressed interest in the technology because of its potential to save the company millions of dollars in lost revenue and infected furniture.

Zoutman holds a dish filled with bed bugs killed by a new disinfection technology he helped develop. The new technology involves pumping a Medizone-specific ozone and hydrogen peroxide vapour gas mixture into a room to completely sterilise everything – including floors, walls, drapes, mattresses, chairs and other surfaces. It is far more effective in killing bacteria than wiping down a room.

Zoutman says the technique is similar to what we now know Mother Nature uses to kill bacteria in humans. When an antibody attacks a germ, it generates ozone and a minute amount of hydrogen peroxide producing a new highly reactive compound that is profoundly lethal against bacteria, viruses and mould.

“It works well for Mother Nature and is working very well for us,” says Zoutman.

There are other disinfecting technologies that involve pumping gas into a room, but Medizone’s method is the only one that sterilizes as well as surgical instrument cleaning. It also leaves a pleasant smell and does not affect any medical equipment in the room. The entire disinfection process is also faster than other methods – it takes less than one hour.

Zoutman says the technology could also be used in food preparation areas and processing plants after outbreaks such as listeria and to disinfect cruise ships after an infection outbreak.; Source: Queen’s University