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New Directors by the EU Commission to regulate Medical Devices

The NEW persons named by the EU Commission to take care of future development of the medical device regulation in Europe have now been clarified.

The responsibility over the regulation of medical devices in Europe has recently passed on from the Commission’s Directorate General Enterprise and Industry to DG Sanco to the Consumer Affairs side, to directorate B, as such several changes have occurred, mainly at the higher levels of decision-making – as indicated by Dr. Peter Bischoff Everding (legal officer for cosmetics and medical devices) at a recent meeting at the Association of British Healthcare Industries (ABHI) on March 17th, 2010.

Dr Bischoff Everding confirmed that Ms. Sabine Lecrenier will remain in charge of what is effectively the same unit in DG Sanco, known as B2. Ms. Lecrenier is already well known within the medical devices industry as she was in charge of medical devices and cosmetics when they were the responsibility of DG Enterprise. Ms. Lecrenier shall report to the director of directorate B, Jackie Minor. Who in turn shall report to director general Robert Madelin, while the latter shall report to the Commissioner John Dalli.

Ms. Minor, a lawyer by training, preformed duties as director of consumer policy since April 1st 2008 has now switched positions with Georgette Lalis on the oversight over the medical devices regulation in Europe.

The other staff in the unit responsible for medical devices and cosmetics has otherwise been transferred from where they were formerly serving at DG Enterprise and Industry.