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New DICOMReader 5.0 eliminates compatibility issues in medical imaging

Since most imaging centers and hospitals are forced to keep costs low and performance high these days, it is of great importance that the imaging workflow – including the importing of external patient data and its distribution inside and outside of the organization – runs quickly and smoothly.

A prerequisite of this smooth workflow is to create universally compatible formats that can be read by every picture archiving and communication system (PACS). In the real world, no PACS can easily import every type of medical image. Imaging specialists often have to deal with proprietary formats, incomplete studies or inconsistent images, and even with the fact that the DICOM standard established by the NEMA ( itself is in continuous development.

DICOMReader 5.0 (by IMAGE Information Systems) puts an end to those compatibility issues and offers the highest read-in rate worldwide regarding medical images (99.9%). Any portable data carrier, like patient CDs or DVDs, can be automatically scanned for medical images – including proprietary formats, DICOM dialects, and even future DICOM formats. If necessary, the images found are converted into a format that can be read by the local PACS.

Now with the support for all 119 modalities defined in the DICOM Standard, DICOMReader 5.0 ensures maximum compatibility! As DICOMReader 5.0 is up to 9 times faster than its predecessor, operators can save time while relying on consistent data that can be effortlessly forwarded to reading physicians or other colleagues for second opinions.

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