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New Commercial Venture, Clean Air by Baker

The Baker Company (“Baker”) is pleased to announce a new commercial venture with Netherlands-based CleanAir Techniek (“Clean Air”), formerly a division of Azbil Telstar Benelux B.V. (“ATNL”).  Baker has acquired the laminar flow manufacturing and service business, including the rights to all former Clean Air intellectual property and the BioVanguard Class II microbiological safety cabinet.  The new company will organize itself under The Baker Company, Benelux B.V. while reintroducing all former Clean Air solutions under a new commercial brand for its venture, Clean Air by Baker.   Through the acquisition of the business, the Clean Air brand and associated technologies, Baker aims to establish a strategic entry point for a customer-focused, centrally located European operation and eventually focus all European customer facing activities for the corporation (sales and service) within this location.  Baker plans to maintain and strengthen the operations within the Netherlands, while reinvigorating the Benelux Marketplace and  the former Clean Air brand story.  The company will  look to offer products from both Baker and Clean Air to existing distribution channels and global partners available to both brands.  The effective date for this transaction is January 1, 2018.

Former owner of CleanAir, Milo Bianchetti, is Baker’s partner in this venture; in his role, Milo will be responsible for strategic activities in product development and sales.  Additionally,   Martin Vermeulen, formerly General Manager of Clean Air, has been appointed Managing Director for the new organization.   Martin will report to David Eagleson, President of The Baker Company, Inc.  Both Martin and Milo will be reaching out to each one of you in order to personally communicate the direction for our new brand and to more clearly communicate any changes to the support and service infrastructure provided to you, through the Netherlands operation. 

CleanAir by Baker will place a renewed emphasis on  the customer and all customer relations, ensuring flexibility within the operation to deliver high quality, configurable, and modified/specialty designs that meet the unique application needs and requirements of its customers.   The organization will call on contributions from an already strong Management team from within the Netherlands operation to execute on this strategy. 

Please join me in celebrating a new direction for our brand and welcoming Milo and Martin back to Clean Air (by Baker).   This is the beginning of a new time for us all to grow our business together and, ultimately, deliver the tools our customers require to advance science, discovery, and patient care.


David Eagleson

The Baker Company, Inc.
The Baker Company, Benelux B.V.


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