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MDI Inc. (Microplate Diagnostics International)

New Cloud-driven Laboratory Robotics System


Modulus2 analyzer automates pipetting, incubating, washing, and photoreading – without any software installation

HAMILTON, Ontario, Oct. 30, 2013 – Microplate Diagnostics International Inc. (MDI) makes its third appearance at MEDICA, the world's largest annual medical trade fair, November 20-23 in Düsseldorf, Germany, where the Canadian clinical diagnostic company will this year feature its now cloud computing-driven robotic assay system.

The system’s remote Modulus 2 (MOD2) web application eases the daily routines of lab technicians by allowing them to follow an assay running on the MOD2 instrument from any computer, tablet, or smart phone without any set-up needed.

Being cloud-based, MOD2 also can readily share libraries and results with other users, while providing customers with quicker access to online support and service. Users can obtain the MOD2 application for evaluation and training purposes by requesting it via the MDI website.

“Technically, the MOD2 analyzer instrument also speeds up any assay run and reduces time conflict between its microplates because it has two arms, not just one,” explains Yves Parent, MDI’s president and CEO. “It also has a pickable metallic needle, which you can use like a disposable tip. So in the same run we can use both the needle for precision and the disposable tips for safety as well as efficiency. In short, with the MOD2 system you execute more precise assays faster. Those are the MOD2’s big benefits.”

And there are more: the MOD2 comes with a LED photometer that reduces warm-up time, reducing service and maintenance costs. Also, the cost and effort of installing the MOD2 is held low and under a day’s work thanks to its single-point calibration process. A ready-to-use reagent rack for suppliers further automates the assay run and reduces the risk of handling mistakes.

“When you consider all those advantages and benefits, plus the fact that our production facilities at BTP TECNO SRL in Battipaglia, Italy produce a high quality instrument for us at a very economical price, we believe that the MOD2 is answering a big market need,” concludes CEO Parent.

About MDI

Microplate Diagnostics International Inc. is a clinical diagnostics company offering laboratory automation including new and refurbished 2- and 4-microplate processors; reagents for the diagnosis of infectious diseases, autoimmunity and hormones; spare parts; training; programming; and technical support.

MDI invites distributors, laboratory managers, laboratory technologists and anyone else who has an interest in cutting edge technology, to visit our website and then come see us again, at MEDICA 2013 in Hall 3, booth H14. Also, you can search for us in “Companies & Products” on the portal.

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