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CellaVision AB

New CellaVision® DM1200 Analyzer Approved for Sales in Canada

CellaVision AB (publ), which develops and sells digital morphology products for the routine analysis of blood and other body fluids, has received official approval for the new analyzer CellaVision® DM1200 in Canada. The approval is strategically important for CellaVision's penetration of the North American market.

"We have invested a large amount of resources into the studies and documentation necessary for selling this product on our main markets. We are now able to offer Canadian hospitals with somewhat smaller test volumes a fully automated analyzer, contributing to a more efficient workflow at the laboratory. We are expecting this product to have a positive effect on our sales in North America," says Yvonne Mårtensson, CEO of CellaVision.

The CellaVision DM1200 is intended to replace manual microscopy of blood samples and is aimed at medium-sized hospital laboratories. The distribution between different types of white blood cells and their appearance are important criteria in diagnosis of a number of conditions such as infections and blood cancer. Automated technology increases productivity, reduces response times, and improves diagnostic quality.

North America, including Canada, is one of CellaVision's most important markets. Since 2007 CellaVision has been selling its products in Canada through a subsidiary, and more than 25 analyzers have been sold to both hospital and commercial laboratories. In the USA CellaVision sells its products both via the distributor Sysmex America, as well as through a subsidiary. As of 2008 North America accounted for 43 percent of CellaVision's turnover.

The registration was issued by the Canadian federal department Health Canada in the end of September 2009. The product has been available on the European market since July 2009.

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