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New C.B.M. Filter Container for Steam Sterilization

new filter system

C.B.M. Medical Equipment is proud to introduce the last generation of container born from the evolution of the famous “Filter” model.
Stainless steel containers and Aluminium container are equipped with a new filter holder made of tech-polymer
The new filters holder is realized in thermoplastic material with high efficiency in steam sterilization, the polysulpone.
Polysulpone is characterized by an high durability with high temperatures and stand out because of excellent mechanical characteristics and chemicals proof. Polysulpone, together with stainless steel container realization, assure an high resistance against the new washing/disinfection processes with alkaline and oxidizing agents.

The new filter holder has been developed in order to facilitate the container filters replacement.
The closure system assures quickness and practicality.

The filters are placed in safe manner and the silicone gasket let the air and steam pass only through the filter.

Moreover the filter holder basket is not glued and could be easily replaced by the end user for cleaning and maintenance procedures.

Thanks to the new geometry of the filtering system is also possible to optimize the management of the disposable material. In fact the filters are universal, they could be placed independently to different dimensions containers.