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Brandon Medical Co. Ltd.

New Atlas™ Pendants Save 50% More Space Around Operating Site

Brandon Medical’s new range of Atlas™ Pendants can give a surgical team up to 50% more space to work around the operating site. Freeing up this space can make a theatre much more efficient and give both a surgeon and anaesthetist much more freedom.

The majority of the space saved derives from the unique hexagonal shape of Brandon’s new Service Head – a stark contrast to the bulky units currently in use. Medical Gas and Power sockets can be mounted to either side of the Service Head, and can be positioned on either the front or back – minimizing the amount of exposed cabling needed.

Shelves and equipment brackets can be easily moved and reconfigured by moving them up or down the unique Multi-Function Rack. This gives Atlas™ great adaptability and flexibility and allows the pendants to evolve with the changing demands (e.g. new equipment) of an operating theatre.

Atlas™ Pendants are also available as Rigid and Retractable units, saving even more space around the operating site. These options are particularly popular with anaesthetists who do not require as much movement from their medical gas and power supplies.