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Socorex Isba S.A.

New Acura® manual XS micropipettes - A Master in Metrology

Socorex introduces a new line of extra sharp micropipettes. Shorter size, smoother activation, lighter in weight, the eight models offer key features aiming at excellence in pipetting.

An optimized shape / size ratio cares for superior drivability. This greatly improves precision of hand movement, especially with micro tubes. The unique tightness lip seal reduces activation forces and provides for ultra-soft pipetting, further reducing hand-fatigue while working. Yet, sharp plunger stops result in unsurpassed metrologic performances.

Located on the front side, the volume display with contrasted digits remains visible at all times. Tip ejection easier than ever, thanks to the low-pressure activation button. Patented Justip height adjustment system permits the optimal fitting and ejection of a wide selection of tips.

The new Acura® manual XS is autoclavable fully assembled without recalibration. Yet, whenever necessary, the swift-set user calibration system - with its integrated key and locking mechanism - makes tedious procedures a thing of the past. Calibration locking mechanism protected by seal sticker.

Each micropipette is supplied with its individual QC certificate, attesting the strict factory control and excellent performance values obtained. Conformity to ISO 8655, IVD 98/79 EEC directives, as well as other international standard requirements such as GLP / GMP. Three year warranty.

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