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Phoenix Medical Systems Pvt Ltd.

Neonatal and maternal-care equipment

Phoenix Medical Systems Private Limited, established in 1989, is a pioneer in the manufacture of world-class neonatal and maternal-care equipment in India. The company’s products include comprehensive infant care systems, neonatal intensive care incubators, neonatal radiant warmers, CPAP (continuous positive airway pressure) units, electronic baby weighing scales, oxygen and apnea monitors, infant bassinets, LED/CFL phototherapy units and electrically operated examination couches, delivery tables and labour–delivery–recovery beds (LDR). Phoenix has design and manufacturing facilities at Chennai and Pondicherry.

Phoenix Global Presence

Phoenix equipment is in use at most government and corporate hospitals in India and at private hospitals all over the country. Phoenix enjoys the support of a happy and satisfied customer base with more than 5000 hospitals. Phoenix products are in use around the globe, and the company has a strong presence in Sri Lanka, Malaysia, West Asia, Ecuador, Venezuela, Europe, Africa, the Gulf countries and El Salvador.

Phoenix R&D & Quality

Phoenix is the only Indian neonatal manufacturer whose R&D set-up is recognized by DSIR (Department of Scientific and Industrial Research), Government Of India. Phoenix's award winning products and innovative approach to technology have led to the company being awarded the Leaders of Tomorrow Award in 2012. Phoenix is unique in being committed to developing innovative products that trickle down to low-resource settings. The company’s strategy is to set very modest profit goals for bottom-of-the-pyramid markets. Even though there is no legislation in India to check the quality of medical equipment at the point of manufacture, Phoenix has always consciously avoided making any compromise on quality. Since its inception, Phoenix Medical Systems has focused consistently on innovation and quality. Its world-class facilities follow Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), and Phoenix is the only Indian manufacturer having US FDA 510 K (Cleared) and CE marking for its range of products.






Appropriate innovative and affordable solutions, both in products and services, for maternal and infant care.


To be recognized as the leading company providing affordable solutions to make the child birth process and the care of the neonate safe and painless experiences resulting in

Child intact survival

Family happiness

Satisfaction of medical personnel