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Neo-Capsul & Neo-Restraint win Design Award

Since its launch at Medica last year, neo-capsul and neo-restraint, the innovative transport system for neonates, has won two separate design awards. In January 2007 it received an iF product design award and in March it won a commendation in the Design Week awards.
ParAid Medical’s Philip Hopkins is delighted with the company’s achievement, “These are prestigious awards for us and a recognition of outstanding design and commitment to innovation which is very rewarding after our long product development programme to bring these products to market.”

neo-capsul and neo-restraint have been subject to much testing over the past 12 months. Dynamic testing has been completed to CEN standards for the capsul, restraint, the trolley base and floor locks to ensure its safety in transport. Clinical trials are also currently being completed in the neonatal units of major UK hospitals.
This follows some three years research and development in conjunction with the product design team Lightweight Medical which specialises in healthcare products. ParAid has invested nearly a £¼ million in the project, backed up with a further £90,000 SPUR grant.
The neo-capsul and neo-restraint combination represents the first safety conscious method available for the transportation by vehicle or air of newborn babies. The neo-capsul is a double skinned clear acrylic module and neo-restraint is the close proximity safety harness incorporating mattress, straps and foam wedges and retrofit locator bars. Both products are designed to meet the specific environmental requirements of a neo-natal hospital transfer namely high sound levels, vibration and strong braking forces.

The neo-capsul has a lightweight aluminium space frame which encases the infant in the double skinned clear acrylic module that allows medical teams visibility and easy access to the baby for monitoring and treatment during a journey. The shape provides stability and the double skinning enables sound levels and vibration in the module to be reduced significantly, decreasing the potential distress for the baby during transportation.
ParAid’s neo-restraint is fitted with aluminium restraint bars. These run alongside a dual density foam mattress which has a softer head section to dampen vibration. Six dual density foam wedges can be configured in any position along the bars. Cotton straps pass over each pair of foam wedges resulting in a soft, yet rigid structure, which can accommodate any size of neonate in any position and exert minimal pressure on their fragile frame. The whole system reduces the potentially harmful effects of vibration and can restrain a 500g to 5kg baby safely and comfortably.
Further information on the neo-capsul and neo-restraint is available from ParAid Medical, ParAid House, Weston Lane, Birmingham, W Midlands, B11 3RS, telephone +44 (0) 121 706 6744, email: or visit the company’s website at