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NaviVision: Siemens and BrainLAB present a world exclusive


It’s a world first: Siemens Medical Solutions (Med) and BrainLAB combine a surgical C-am and an optical 2D/3D navigation unit into a common platform. NaviVision provides more room for the OR team and facilitates the execution of work steps. At the same time, fewer cables add to increased safety during typical OR situations.

NaviVision by Med and BrainLAB is the first integrated navigation platform with automatic recording for surgery supported by an image receptor. Both methods, that is, the mobile C-arm of the Arcadis family and the optical 2D/3D navigation unit have been optimally combined, minimizing the space requirements of two medical systems. This provides the operator with the greatest possible freedom of action at the OR table.

The screen of the navigation unit is attached directly to the workstation of the C-arm. Its adjustable swivel arm can be set in the horizontal or vertical direction. Also, the material of the swivel arm is fully sterilizable. Thus, the monitor can be quickly removed from the workstation and attached directly to the OR table. Once attached, it can be aligned to meet the surgeon’s needs. The surgeon operates the monitor per touchscreen and, for example, toggles back and forth between axial or lateral views. A DICOM interface allows for easy documentation of image data.

Surgical navigation is an essential step in linking intraoperative image data directly with surgical actions and clinical workflows in the OR. It increases precision and reduces both invasiveness and radiation exposure during surgery. Together with the new models of the C-arm family from Siemens, Arcadis Orbic, Arcadis Orbic 3D and Arcadis Varic, NaviVision is expected to be available at the beginning of January 2006.

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