National pavilions at MEDICA – Together is better than alone -- MEDICA Trade Fair

National pavilions at MEDICA – Together is better than alone

Image: Dr. Amin Roshdy ; Copyright: beta-web/Schmitz
Dr. Amin Roshdy from Novo Care used to come here for fifteen years as a visitor, therefore he knows, "everybody" is here. Today it is his first time as an exhibitor. His opinion: "Everyone who is interested in medical products should come here, because MEDICA is the biggest trade fair for medical technology in the world."

Stand: H6, A23-10, Egypt
Image: Marina Zotova and Maxim Zotov; Copyright: beta-web/Schmitz
Although he has been here at MEDICA for many times as a visitor, for Maxim Zotov from 10MED it is the first time as an exhibitor. This year everything was completely booked, that is why the company has a small booth. Therefore, his wish for next year is a bigger booth. "MEDICA is a fantastic place for opportunities," he resumes.

Stand: H17, B04, Russia
Image: Everton Silva; Copyright: beta-web/Schmitz
It is the twelfth time on MEDICA for Samtronic and the sixth time for Everton Silva. "We come every year, because MEDICA is the biggest and most important trade fair for medical technology in the world. Here we even can find distributors from Latin America that could not be found on the trade fairs in Latin America." MEDICA in three words? "The perfect show."

Stand: H17, B42-8, Brazil
Image: Evelyn Pront; Copyright: beta-web/Schmitz
Evelyn Pront from Tomo Care is for the first time at MEDICA. She wants to present the product her husband has invented. Contrary to her, her husband has been here for many years as a visitor, but this time he presents his own company for the first time.

Stand: H16, G40, Israel
Image: Tudor Williams ; Copyright: beta-web/Schmitz
"MEDICA is a fantastic opportunity to meet customers, who are interested in our product." says Tudor Williams from Blackwood Embedded Solutions. He also likes the big range of different countries. And what does he like especially about MEDICA? "Here we can meet our customers in person."

Stand: H16, F42, Wales
Image: Hiroshi Motoki; Copyright: beta-web/Schmitz
For Hiroshi Motoki from Finetec it is the first international trade fair at all. At MEDICA they not only want to sell their products, but also to get to know the market. For him, MEDICA is a "very big chance", because it is the world's biggest trade fair for medical technology.

Stand: H16, A-31-02, Japan
Image: (Middle) Eda Üsnal ; Copyright: beta-web/Schmitz
Eda Ünsal from Polmed Europe wants to find more customers and distributors at MEDICA. For her it is the third time at MEDICA and she most certainly wants to come here again next year. The good thing about MEDICA is that you do not need to go around the world, because "everybody is here".

Stand: H16, C21-1, Turkey
Image: S. Abhijith; Copyright: beta-web/Schmitz
Futura Surgicare has customers in more than 50 countries. Therefore, MEDICA is the ideal platform to meet them in one place. "If you want to be a global company, you have to be here," says S. Abhijith from Futura Surgicare.

Stand: H16, A05 (02), India
Image: Allsion Therwhanger and Kevin McIntosh; Copyright: beta-web/Schmitz
Summit Medical is already coming to MEDICA for 15 years. "For us it is important to meet our international customers and distributors and to find more representatives. Also, MEDICA is the place for companies who are interested in new technologies," says Marcus Super from Summit Medical.

Stand: H16, E20-11, U.S.
Image: Jasper; Copyright: beta-web/Schmitz
Vam Lee from VITAL Healthcare is coming to MEDICA for already nine years. For several reasons, MEDICA is very important to them: VITAL Healthcare has a strong export business, therefore MEDICA is very convenient and a big platform for them. It also safes time, since they can finish their discussions here. And how would he describe MEDICA in three words? "Excellent, amazing, convenient".

Stand: H7.1, A32, Malaysia