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National Geographic Channel to air live DBS implantation procedure featuring FHC products

Waking up from anesthesia in the middle of surgery is the stuff of nightmares. But staying awake through a procedure is the stuff of hope for those patients living with Parkinson's disease and other movement disorders who look to deep brain stimulation (DBS) to relieve their symptoms. Soon you'll get a close look at what goes on during DBS surgery, thanks to the effort of two familiar media names.

The science publication Mental Floss recently announced a DBS surgery to be broadcast live on the National Geographic Channel, the magazine's partner in the event.

We at FHC are delighted and humbled to help in supporting this live TV event. Our own Chris Pappas will participate in a dry run of the surgery. And accompanying him will be Sri Pallavaram of long-time partner company Neurotargeting. Several FHC products will be among the sophisticated equipment the procedure requires.

For more info: http://www.fh-co.com/news/brain-surgery-right-in-your-living-room#press-room