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National Blood Donor Day Marked in Iran

Blood donation is a voluntary and non-remunerated action in Iran supported by Iranian Blood Transfusion Organization (IBTO) whose activities are done within the laws and regulations of Iran’s Ministry of Health and Medical Education.
This year and on the occasion of Iranian National Blood Donor Day (July 30), head of IBTO, Dr. Ali Akbar Pourfathollah visited the production line and laboratories of Pharmed Medical Industries.
Pharmed Co., a member of ICD Group, is an Iranian company which manufactures blood bags in all models of single, double, Triple in-line with leukocyte reduction filter and quadruple in-line with leukocyte filter configurations in conformity with ISO 3826-1, ISO 3826-2 and ISO 3826-3 standards. “It is of importance to support private sector. In this regard, IBTO contracted with Pharmed Co. for buying 700,000 blood bags being executed from August-September”. Head of IBTO said during the visit of Pharmed. “Pharmed Medical Industries is a company with a high potential of price cutting in domestic market. The company is capable of competing in regional and international markets. Knowledge production and job creation are the other aspects of the activities by such company”. Dr. Pourfathollah added.
Current production capacity of Pharmed is 4.5 single blood bags per year and 1.5 triple blood bags annually. The company is determined to raise the number to 20 million bags per year.
According to head of IBTO, Iran has a high potential of being the hub of providing blood products and related products.
Dr. Pourfathollah also explained that there are 15,000 regular blood donors in Iran who donate blood twice a year.
He went on to say that the blood donated in Iran is one of the healthiest in the world as no cases of HIV have ever been reported among those who received the blood.
Head of IBTO also apprised about the opening of Museum of Blood Transfusion in the near future.

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