Systelab Technologies, S.A.

NTE, SA Has Closed the Sale of its Engineering Division to SENER, SA.

This deal was closed in October, 2009. Per the agreement of the acquisition, SENER, SA has also aquired the name NTE, SA.

As a result of this, the Clinical Software Division of NTE, SA, has been rebranded as Systelab Technologies, S.A. Systelab will remain a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Werfen Group, a privately held holding company which also owns leading diagnostics providers Instrumentation Laboratory, Inova Diagnostics, Biokit and others.

Systelab remains committed to providing outstanding products and services in the field of clinical software. We will remain in the same facilities as before, located near Barcelona, Spain.

Systelab staff is currently 62 persons, of which some are located on assignments in the USA, with the majority located at our facilities near Barcelona.

The temporary Systelab website is found at www.systelabsw.com.

For more information on the acquisition, please go to www.nte.es and click on the press release.