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NSP Medicals launches SAFETiCET™ 31G – World’s first 31G contact-activated safety lancet

SAFETiCET™ Safety Lancet


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12 November 2014, Dusseldorf Germany – For the first time at Medica 2014, the world’s largest medical trade fair, NSP Medicals will be launching the latest SAFETiCET™ model that is the world’s first to offer a 31G safety lancet. The SAFETiCET™ uses a technology specially developed by NSP Medicals ensures minimum pain with its low triggering force.

Ideal for blood glucose monitoring use, the new 31G SAFETiCET™ is now able to be provide diabetic patients maximum comfort when obtain blood sample from a finger prick for a glucose check. To use the SAFETiCET™, simply twist to remove the protective cap, push the SAFETiCET™ against the testing site and gently apply pressure on the puncture site to obtain required volume of blood.

The SAFETiCET™ is now available in 5 different models for different blood volume requirements.

SAFETiCET™ allows healthcare professionals and diabetics to draw blood with minimum pain. Its consistent penetration depth eliminates the likelihood of having to repeat the procedure.
The convenience due to its ease of use and small size of SAFETiCET™ allows portability to the users and the steps taken to complete a finger prick is greatly reduced for a diabetic compared to using a lancing pen.

“Diabetics do not test their blood sugar levels as often or may even put off blood glucose monitoring as the process is painful and uncomfortable. The SAFETiCET™ allows users to dissipate the fear of the blood drawing process as it is painless and comfortable,” said Joseph Lum, Managing Director of NSP Medicals.

SAFETiCET™ also comes in a blood glucose monitoring kit which includes SAFETiCHECK, an ISO15197 compliant blood glucose monitoring system suitable for point of care testing for patients with diabetes. It is not only accurate, also reliable and very easy to use. It boasts of a large screen display, requires a small blood sample of only 0.7µl, generate quick results within 6 seconds and stores up to 250 test memory.

In addition, NSP Medicals will be showcasing SAFETiHEEL™, a contact activated safety heel stick, for use in newborn screenings. The SAFETiHEEL™ uses a unique patented incision mechanism which is easy to use and gentle on the babies. Designed for blood sampling in new-borns, infants and babies. The device incorporates a world’s first “usage indicator” and it offers a gentle and comfortable experience for your precious little ones. Whether you are a trained medical professional or a concerned mother, SAFETiHEEL™ unique and patented activation mechanism ensures a consistent and controlled incision, delivering a ‘painless’ and trauma free experience for both the adult care giver and the child. SAFETiHEEL™ blades are always encased before and after use, thereby eliminating needle stick injury and the risks of cross contamination to the nurses.

“It does not matter if nurses are dealing with a kicking foot. The can obtain blood samples easily and without causing trauma to the baby’s supple heel,” explained Jason Foo, Vice President of Marketing.

NSP Representatives will be available at Hall 16, Booth 16G54-4 for discussion.

For more information, please visit our website at www.nspmedicals.com.

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