Haemopharm Healthcare S.r.l.


Haemopharm is a pioneer company in the manufacturing and commercialization of flexible bags, connectors, delivery systems and biotechnology products for many different medical areas.

Haemopharm is very attentive to the market tendencies and international regulations that are moving towards needlefree policies and contamination-free connections to prevent accidental needle-sticks and infections to caregivers and patients.
Haemopharm invented and patented the first new needlefree technology that not only enables the use of the syringe without the needle, but also provides a hermetic closure, minimizing contaminations and increasing the safety.

This needlefree technology has been applied both on vials and bags.
NIV® (Needlelss Injection Vial) is a new closure for vials which contain injectable medications that require reconstitution. NIV® has a hermetic seal, perforable with a needlefree syringe, which automatically closes again when the syringe is pulled out. This device replaces both standard vials used with normal syringe with needle, and needle free vial connectors or adaptors.
The immediately reclosable seal also avoids the back flow effect, preventing unwanted aerosol or leakage of the drug, which are critical in case of toxic drugs. NIV® has won the CPhI Awards in 2012 as “Best Innovation of the year”.

NIP® (Needleless Injection Port) is the new needlefree valve for any bag containing liquids. Thanks to NIP® the bag can be easily accessed through the luer of the syringe in order to take out its content or to add to the solution active principles or other substances. NIP® can substitute any injection point and widely fits in many different therapeutic applications, such as Pharmacy compouding and reconstitution, I.V. solutions, clinical nutrition, dialysis, oncology, etc.

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