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NHS Technology Adoption Centre endorses the Mediplus SPC

The NHS National Technology Adoption Hub has launched its first How to Why to Guide on the Mediplus Suprapubic Foley Catheter with Introducer Set (SPC).

The guide, supported by sound clinical evidence, provides all the information needed by clinicians and decision makers to implement the SPC in their organisations. The tools and resources contained in the guide, developed in collaboration with partner trusts that have already adopted this technology, are designed to improve the patient’s experience of the NHS, save time for clinicians and managers and enhance performance.

The SPC combines increased safety with ease of use, enabling the procedure to be performed in an out-patient setting and so reduce hospital stays for elderly, vulnerable patients.

For trusts, it offers cost savings through shorter hospitals stays, a reduced demand on operating theatre time and fewer cases requiring general anaesthetic. It also helps trusts comply with the 18-week target and patient safety initiatives.