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NAWA presents a world-innovation

This year at MEDICA Nawa introduces a world-novelty: The self-calibrating wound-pH-meter - pH and temperature of the wound quickly, easily and reliably determined directly at the patient.

There is growing recognition of the wound-related medical experts that the wound-pH and the wound-temperature are immensely important parameters for the course of wound healing and for the quality of the outcome of the wound-therapeutic treatments.

With the modern moist wound treatment the formation of the local environment to improve the chances of healing has become a central point of therapy - especially with regard to the above-named parameters. With the wound-pH-meter a quick and objective measurement of the wound environment is possible. With the metrics precisely tailored therapeutic implications can be derived and the effectiveness of the treatment reviewed.

The therapeutic completion are the products Hydroaktiv-Spray and Lipo-Gel for chronic wounds - restarting the wound healing process, stimulation of the granulation tissue formation and significant reduction of the wound surface.

The wound treatment is completed by the ZIS line for the acute wound - infection control, faster healing and less scarring.

The Nawa-group develops and produces innovative medical devices stimulating and supporting the body's own repair mechanisms. Products without pharmacological side-effects - but with effect!

Other established products from Nawa:

The Nawa activity line for the active people: Aid with injuries, prevention of muscle problems and faster regeneration.

StriaSan Pre and StriaSan Post: During pregnancy to prevent stretch marks and after birth for the regeneration of the extended tissue

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