Gymna Uniphy NV

Myo 200: to measure is to know, especially in modern physiotherapy!

GymnaUniphy NV, the European specialist in solutions for medical professionals and physiotherapists, presents its new Myo 200 feedback device. By measuring muscular activity and by clearly visualizing that activity, a patient will become aware of the way his / her muscles function. This way he / she will be guided to a quick and efficient rehabilitation, whether supported by electro stimulation or not.

The Myo 200 feedback device is very easy to use: once the goals and the intensity are established, the operator is ready to start the treatment within the personalized parameters of the patient.

The unique Myo software program further increases the Myo’s possibilities: storing results, displaying and printing different charts, keeping patient files up to date, Contilife® test, etc.

Its versatility and functionality makes the unit very suitable for many kinds of exercises and relaxation therapies, including pelvic-floor treatment (incontinence problems, sports rehabilitation, hemiplegia, peripheral nerve lesions, hypertonia, hypotonia, torticollis, etc.)