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MyoTrain® – An innovative Solution for Muscle Injuries

MyoTrain® – An innovative Solution for Muscle Injuries

Muscle hardening, muscle bruising, pulled or torn muscles – these are the wide range of muscle injuries to the thigh. The Bauerfeind MyoTrain offers innovative support for everyday or athletic use in the treatment of those injuries.

MyoTrain is a high-quality medical product that deals with the needs of an active lifestyle: It can be easily put on and subsequently be fitted and removed. MyoTrain makes an important contribution to the follow-up treatment of muscle injuries and reduces the risk of further injury.

MyoTrain works according to the principles of so-called muscle suspension bands (taping) using compression after muscle injuries and represents an effective therapeutic aid. The combination of anatomical Train knit, two adjustable compression pads – acute and functional pads – and individually adjustable straps provide the highest level of treatment.

Immediately following injury both compression pads are inserted into the support, to add targeted compression and to relieve injured muscles. The strap system provides individualized compression. The lengthwise ribbing along the surface of the function pad improves lymphatic circulation. The spread of the hematoma is minimized, and the extent of injury is limited and promotes the healing process. At a later stage, the MyoTrain can be fitted and worn without the compression pads. It gives stabilization to athletes, offers to the muscle protection and prevents further injury.

Like all other Train products, the MyoTrain provides excellent comfort. The breathable anatomical knit and pressure-reduced and siliconized edges ensure an optimal fit and excellent comfort.