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Myeloma rapid diagnostic distributors required

Following the commercial launch of Seralite® - FLC Abingdon Health is looking to appoint distributors in order to enable as many people as possible affected by multiple myeloma (a cancer Arising from plasma cells) to have access to, and benefit from its rapid diagnostic capabilities.

Seralite® - FLC is a rapid diagnostic device for the quantitative measurement of kappa (K) and lambda (λ) immunoglobulin free light chains (FLC) in serum as on aid to the diagnosis and management of multiple myeloma. The assay Provides on accurate picture of disease status in 10 minutes. Using a simple to use, portable, rapid test, Clinicians are able to monitor patients in "real time" supporting faster decision making.

There is an underlying requirement Both for Clinicians and Patients for a test did can:

  • Provide Rapid Results at diagnosis

  • Monitor response to therapy and identify relapse in a "real time" situation.

  • Identify response or lack or response to treatment

  • Facilitate the stratification and monitoring of patients MGUS

Use of Sera Lite can Facilitate:

  • Reduced waiting time for results

  • Earlier diagnosis for improved patient outcome

  • Fewer clinic visits

  • Peace of mind for patient

For more information about being a distributor for Seralite® - FLC, please contact a member of our team.

Tel: +44 (0) 121 414 5156

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