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Anagnostics Bioanalysis GmbH

Multiplexed Drugs of Abuse and Sepsis Test

Anagnostics Bioanalysis developed a fully automated microarray technology and corresponding multiplex tests for clinical molecular diagnostics. In the course of the commercial launch the Austrian hi-tech company presents itself and its products for the first time during MEDICA.

Drugs of Abuse test for analysis of immediate consumption
Anagnostics' researchers work on a Drugs of Abuse Test, based on Antibodies. The test is based on saliva samples to obtain results of proximate drug abuse.
'Our innovation is based on a quick and sensitive detection of drug consumption. As little as 1ng drug per ml saliva are sufficient for a positive result', explains Dr. Bernhard Ronacher, CSO of Anagnostics Bioanalysis GmbH. The test is currently validated by experts.

Sepsis test for rapid detection of pathogens
The second product shortly before validation is a test for rapid detection of pathogens based on DNA. This sepsis test is aimed to identify a wide spectrum of pathogens and its antibiotic resistances within 3 hours. Based on this information physicians can apply targeted therapy soon after first symptoms.

Fully automated tests
Anagnostics' hybcell technology is based upon the use of two cylinders. Detector molecules are immobilized on the surface of the inner cylinder in a microarray format, this inner cylinder is placed into a transparent cylindrical container. Both parts closely fit together and represent the core of the hybcell. Liquid sample is filled into the hybcell via the axial (central) channel with the help of a pipette. The cartridge is closed with a rubber lid. The cartridge is transferred to the device (hyborg). From now on the device takes over and processes the hybcell in a fully automated manner. The results are summarized in compact reports.

'Anagnostics' hyborg can be loaded with 8, respectively 96 hybcells, which are processed fully automated and without user interaction. Usage of the software is simple and intuitive. Therefore the whole system is perfectly suited for clinical diagnostics' continues Ronacher.

Expectations for MEDICA
Anagnostics wants to foster contacts to research institutions, clinics and potential partners for cooperations to develop and expand the test portfolio.