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Multiplex Serological Chip for Lupus Diagnosis

Establishing the diagnosis of autoimmune diseases, especially of lupus erythematosus, is a multistep process. Once diagnosis has been established patients require repeated serological testing to follow disease course and adjust treatment regimen.
Parallel testing of different autoantibodies offers a one-step method for characterizing autoantibody profiles. Our multiplex serological chip builds on AbC-array technology (patent pending), for the simultaneous assessment of autoantibody levels and complement fixing properties, in a multiplex format.
The prototype lupus diagnostic chip measures 8 autoantibodies (C1q, histone, chromatin, dsDNA, ssDNA, SSA, Sm, RibP) and their complement fixation for an increased diagnostic efficiency and simplified laboratory testing sheme.

Chip contains internal references for semiquantitative determination of IgG and C3 binding. Optionally IgM and C4 binding can also be determined.

Slides hold 16 arrays of which 14 are for sample measurement, the rest for reference measurements.

Slides are compatible with standard laser scanning equipment for 1x3 inch microscopic slides and direct surface scanning with two lasers.

Project is supported by the grant KMOP-1.1.1-08/1-2008-0028 from the National Development Agency and European Union Regional Development Found