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Multifit LegLifter Mkll Gentle Bedside Help for the Elderly & Disabled

Increased independence for patients at bedtime, easier management for health professionals

“The MkII LegLifter is unique, it lifts and carries your legs, placing your feet onto the mattress,” says Multifit Managing Director Wayne Manson. “This novel appliance is designed to provide independence for elderly and disabled people. I did not see any comparable products at either REHACARE or Medtrade in October 2008.”

Easy and safe to use, with simple push-button commands, the Multifit LegLifter gently carries the legs from the side of the bed to the prone position on the bed surface, then returns the leg-rest to its bedside position. Precision- engineered componentry and robust construction ensures quiet performance and safe, gentle operation. Multifit LegLifter employs a durable LINAK motor, precision engineering and componentry which has been successfully tested for durability to 12,000 cycles. The LegLifter's numerous safety features ensure secure, gentle operation throughout.

A standard Multifit LegLifter is designed for installation to a typical domestic bed with an innerspring base, and adaptations for other domestic bed bases and profiling bed types can be supplied on request. The appliance is height-adjustable over 200mm to suit a range of bed heights and can be installed on either side of the bed.

Multifit LegLifter installation for standard domestic beds and many profiling beds takes less than ten minutes, and no tools are required for installation to domestic beds. Multifit LegLifter's narrow profile, light 12kg weight, compact 1050mm x 660mm x 170mm dimensions and rounded contours make it easy to carry and transport, even in a small vehicle.

Innovative design and sturdy engineering offer easy cleaning and low maintenance, promising many years of reliable performance for occupational therapists, health professionals, caregivers and their patients.