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More than an entertainment system for health center

The new system Entertainment Advantecnia has been specially designed to complement the products associated with the health centers. It responds to a specific demand for centers that want to offer more than themselves hospitals and residences traditional services.

The system AdvantTV consists of several elements that allow users to view TV channels, video channels online, cable channels, streaming servers, video from apps and content stored on hard drives or in the cloud.

Because it is a set of elements interconnected by IP (or even Wi-Fi) allow such flexibility both in the head and in the same room. 

It can be adapted to Televisions with HDMI, 2K or 4K standard and is compatible with devices connected to the IP network (Wi-Fi) as tablets, smartphones and videophones, from where it can:
  • Navigate through the different channels and content
  • Consulting links
  • Display information center
  • Integration with nurse call system

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