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More Technological Evolution for ACEM Surgical Lamps

Max. Light power : 110.000 lux
Colour rendering index (Ra) : 95
Power consumption : 80 W
Colour temperature : 4.900 °K

These are the amazing characteristics of the new STARLED3 EVO PLUS which assures the best performance at low power consumption.

EVOLUTION, one of the key success factors of ACEM Medical Company (Medical Company Division) keeps going ahead. Evolution in the study of light sources and materials, in designing their own devices, in the shapes and technologies used but above all, evolution in the way light itself is conceived.
Evolution for ACEM Medical Company is the use of LED technology (Light Emitting Diode), an extraordinary light source which is becoming more popular for its reduced dimensions, long duration, low energy consumption, high performance, absence of heat and excellent colour rendering index. It is proposed as the “light of the future” for its characteristics of flexibility of use and sustainability in a series of different sectors, but mostly in the medical one.

Such sophisticated technology is the base of all the lamps of the STARLED series, cutting edge in the market, renown and appreciated all over the world.

Thanks to the attention the R&D department of ACEM grants to the evolution of technology and clinical needs, the STARLED3 EVO PLUS was born, more cutting edge and sophisticated than ever, assuring the highest levels of performance.

STARLED3 EVO PLUS guarantees an average life time which can be even 100 times longer than average light bulbs, allowing a light supply and colour fidelity constant in time.

The lamp is completely digital, managed by microprocessors with double controls to adjust and visualize light intensity and management of the lights (it can be used as single, dual or three lights combination). The PLUS of this version is the possibility to focus the light beam thanks to the manual control in the handle (with a simple clockwise or anti-clockwise rotation) which grants an extraordinary concentration of light. Moreover, the handle has a quick and practical unhooking system to remove it and sterilize it. The other PLUS is given by the increase of Lux and colour rendering index CRI, which reaches 95.

Special characteristics of the STARLED3 EVO PLUS are its compactness, handiness and stability, blended with a specially studied design to allow a simple way to clean and use it, ergonomic and compatible with laminar flows.

According to its use STARLED3 EVO PLUS is available in different versions: ceiling and wall mounted or on an adjustable height trolley.

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